Cellular Automata offer a very powerful approach enabling to study phenomena related to a large variety of problems. Initially presented as some form of counterpart or supplement to the partial differential equations, now enable to perform studies of many real-world phenomena. Besides this practical significance, they often present behaviour which is interesting from the theoretical point of view. For these reasons, CA became very popular for studying real applications. For many years researchers, from academia and industry, are using CA in many different fields dealing with theoretical as well as practical problems.

Since its first edition in 1994, the ACRI conference focused on challenging problems and new research on Cellular Automata (CA). Its primary goal is to offer both scientists and engineers in academies and industries an opportunity to enforce international collaborations on Cellular Automata and express their views on current trends, challenges, and state-of-the art solutions to various problems in several scientific fields: biology, computer science, chemistry, ecology, economy, engineering, geology, medicine, physics, sociology, etc.

The conference ACRI 2024 will be organised by the University of Florence and will take place in Florence, Italy on September xx-xx, 2024. This 16th edition of ACRI Conference aims at enlarging the classical topics to include other areas related to or extending Cellular Automata. Our hope is to broaden the community of people identifying their work as related to the CA phenomena, thus giving them the opportunity to discuss their work especially in connection to various, still strongly evolving fields, like for instance: complex networks, games on networks, lattice gas and lattice Boltzmann models, Bio-Inspired Computing, agent-based models, etc.

This year we especially welcome contributions on:

Other topics of interest include (but are not limited to):


The LINCON (Learning Complex Networks) INFN initiative is devoted to the study and application of Complex Networks.

The BIOPHYS INFN initiative is devoted to investigate and modelling biophysics processes

Both initiatives have a relevant overlap with ACRI themes, and therefore September, 11th afternoon there will be a common session. 

The attendance to ACRI2024 by members of the LINCOLN and BIOPHYS initiatives is free. 

The attendance to the LINCOLN and BIOPHYS workshop is free (except for the common session). 

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